Cannabis Stocks are sure to keep GROWING Higher.


Cannabis is certain to grow into a multi-billion-dollar industry over the next decade, thus acting as both a distribution and production hub for the Oceania region. Followed by New Zealand, Australia is certain to represent the largest market, generating around $2.5 billion (US) per year by 2028.

Oceania is comprised of more than 30 countries and territories and despite sporting a relatively modest population, contains a mere 41 million people, the region generates a total of $5.3 trillion (US) in annual GDP. For medical cannabis companies, one of the key market indicators reveals Oceania spends over  $104.5 billion (US) per year on health care alone.

Currently, Australian production is just getting started, and the majority of their cannabis products are currently supplied by Canadian farmers. Many, of which, are setting up offices in Australia via collaborations with those firms. Given what Australia can produce with its excellent climatic conditions, strong business cash influx and desirable conditions, you can be certain they will be exporting to the world a a large variety of high-quality cannabis products over the next 10-years.

China is the largest of Oceania’s export partners, accounting for over 30% of exports to Asian countries. China is also expected to have a medical marijuana market worth over $180 billion (US) in the next few years.. Japan is their second largest export partner (12% of Australian exports) and is expected to grow into a S$15 billion (US) medical marijuana market as well.

As more Canadian and Australian companies merge to establish vertically-integrated business ventures that serve these growing demands around the world, the implication for investors is that a strong connection between Canadian and Australian companies will greatly benefit end of year profits.

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