Black All-In-One Tobacco Pipe & Lighter Combo Click n Vape Sneak a Toke


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Black Click n Vape, Sneak a Toke, Click n Hit, Pipe w/Built-in Torch Lighter with a free matching velvet drawstring carry-bag!

These smoking pipes are cordless and no bigger than a regular cigar, making it the worlds smallest, most compact and portable pipe. 

Perfect for discrete use in small spaces or shared rooms (club, lounge, street etc). Fill the no-spill chamber with tobacco or your favorite

blend of legal dry herb, click the built-in torch lighter to ignite and inhale from the mouthpiece.  The torch lighter is powered by butane gas 

and includes a volcanic stone filter to ensure a smooth delivery. This pipe is the cleanest, easiest and healthiest way to go!  It is truly the 

most inexpensive, efficient, portable and discrete tobacco/dry herb pipe today!

One step operation! Just click n go!

  • Portable Tobacco/Herb Pipe w/Built-in Pen Torch Lighter : Weight: 2 oz.
  • Compact lighter: size of a regular cigar. Height: 5"(13cm) and Width: 0.7"(1.8cm).
  • Butane Gas powered: no battery that requires charging.
  • Includes a factory installed volcanic stone filter.
  • Discrete: perfect for shared rooms and small spaces. Compact, discreet, efficient.
  • Fits in your pocket for easy portability.

Get yours today!!

For reasons unknown, the manufacturer of these items has named them as, "Click n Vape" but they are absolutely not a vape product

and do not have the capacity to be used as such.  This product is for Tobacco/Natural Herb use only. Tobacco/Herb not included.



Upon purchasing this item, you declare and confirm that you are at least 18 years of age or older and this product is legal to purchase in the 

State you reside in. Buyer assumes any and all liability. I assume no liability with this item, or any misuse that may come of it after purchase. 




Orders are processed same day or 1 business day and shipped via 2-3 day delivery!

Order before 11:00 am on any business day (PST), and your order will be shipped out the same day!

Shipping is restricted to United States only, and there is no local pick-up location for this item. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Because I require immediate payment, I do ship to P.O. boxes



I personally check each pipe to make sure the volcanic stone filter is in place, the screen is intact and the lighter is fully functional before

I send any of them out to my customers.  Although I would love to send them pre-filled with butane, strict USPS regulations do not allow

me to do so because of the safety factor involved if one of them were to explode. So unfortunately, the lighters are sent empty, without 

butane lighter fluid.

Upon receiving your item, you must fill it before use, and if your lighter does not light after filling with butane, please check the flame

adjustment on the bottom of the lighter.  Sometimes the flame needs to be adjusted before the lighter will light properly.  The flame adjustment

is located inside the same hole that contains the fill-valve and encircles around the valve. If your lighter still fails to light properly after filling it and

adjusting the flame, as always, I have no problem at all with sending you a replacement.



Just place a small flathead screwdriver on top of the fill-valve, in-between the slits located on each side, and then turn slowly. There are 

guides etched into the metal to inform you of which way to turn for up (+) or down (-).

NOTE: The small screw on the bottom of the lighter is not the flame adjustment, and should not be loosened! 



Feedback is very important. and remembering to leave your positive feedback would be much appreciated, and I willl do the same for you 

Please contact me regarding any service or product issues before leaving negative feedback!

I will do my best to make sure that you are a satisfied customer!

Product quality and customer satisfaction are my top priority! 


Thanks, Wendy

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