Luxury 510 Thread Flip Battery Pen Built in Charger O Pen (Flip Vape BBTANK)


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Puff Pro Black Concealable Vape Pen.

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Built in USB for convenience, charger and Pen are always in the same place.

510 Thread for compatibility with popular industry standard cartridges.

3.7 volt battery powers all cartridges


Built in USB Charger for convinience.

350mAh Polymer Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

5-click ON/OFF Battery Switch

One click action to operate switch

Here's What You Get:

1x 350 mAh polymer Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

1x built in USB Charger

How to use:

To turn on the battery, press button 5 times within 2 seconds. The LED button will flash. To turn off battery, press LED button 5 times in 2 second.


The Width of Battery 32mm

Weight of Single Battery 56g

Battery Capacity 350mAh

Working Voltage 3.7V

Resistance > 1.2Ω

Thread: 510 thread

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