SLR 5pc LED Grow Light 20 Inch Strips Kit for Indoor Plants, Gardens, Greenhouses, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers with 250 Red & 50 Blue for Hydroponics and Horticulture [Full Kit w/Plug]


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GROW FASTER: From seeds to maturity, grow faster with broader lighting consisting of 8 square feet,GROW MORE: Have a greater yield with 300 LEDs for a range of nanometer wavelengths for growth,GROW ANYWHERE: Grow plants in your home, indoors, dorms, gardens, greenhouses, drawers, closets,PROMOTE GROWTH: Stimulate photosynthesis levels for healthier plants, flowers, and/or herbs,GROW KIT: Includes 5x 20"waterproof LED strips, power adapter, zip ties, adhesive tape, and mounting screws

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